For far too long constraints within the healthcare industry such as rules, regulations, policies, operating models and more have inhibited progress. Because of this, new advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are largely uncharted territory for most healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs).

The bottom line is that industry adoption of AI is very real. Gartner reports by 2021, 75% of HDOs will have invested in an AI capability that is explicitly improving either operational performance or clinical outcomes.

MedtoMarket and Hypergiant recognize these challenges and are working together to solve major problems in the medical marketplace using AI. Both companies are headquartered in Austin, Texas led by future-focused entrepreneurs and employees looking to deliver care in ways previously not thought possible.

By leveraging investments in AI, machine learning and advanced analytics, more healthcare companies can innovate. The reality is modern healthcare generates massive amounts of data ranging from physiological data to patterns of work for providers. In order to move into a personalized, space age of medicine, AI and ML based data pipelines are needed to manage the data and gain actionable insights to inform clinical decisions.

“[AI] methods can drastically reduce the time to insight by increasing the speed at which one parses through and understands how a process is actually implemented. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, data-driven machine learning models can provide ground truth information that can drive process changes and increase patient safety,” said Hypergiant data scientist, Emily Workman PhD.

In an industry where barriers to entry are constant, MedtoMarket and Hypergiant can help deliver business value and empower healthcare professionals to be more innovative, efficient and ultimately push humanity forward.

MedtoMarket’s south Austin facility houses training labs, co-working, and event space focused on the life science and medical community. Have questions about AI? Reach out to or

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