The Full AV Package

Train with the most advanced technology in audio/visual capabilities.  We provide integrated audio/video equipment in all meeting rooms and clinical areas, including an LCD projector, a screen, wireless audio, and complimentary wireless Internet.  As one of our basic features, we offer an on-site team of expert AV technicians.

What’s more, the auditorium presentation can be seen simultaneously in other rooms throughout the building. Activities taking place in other areas can be viewed by an audience in the auditorium as well.

Single Cable Solution

Achieve streamlined results and avoid excessive cabling.

Burst Power Mode

Effectively manages peak audio signals and maintains sound clarity during lively meetings and discussions.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Enhances the auditory experience of remote participants by reducing the echo in the room and improving clarity.

Beamtracking Microphones

Intelligently mixes and tracks voices around the room.