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The Latest Updates from the MedtoMarket Team

Internet of Things & Cyber Risk

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates many opportunities for medical device makers. But if it’s connected, it can be hacked. Forward thinkers in the industry are examining the growing threat of cyber security and how it impacts product safety and viability. Let’s see...

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The Odds of Being Drafted: NFL Players vs Surgeons

Pro Life - Surgeons Vs. NFL Players Written by Dr. Aaron Ali, Founding Partner and CEO of MedtoMarket Consulting, Inc The probability of playing in the National Football League is about 0.09% for a high school football player.  If the player makes it to the college...

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Managing Medical Device Change Control

Medical device change control can be as critical to your company as when you first launched your product. Prudent manufacturers can meet all requirements without an excessive drain on resources. The key remains in proper situational and risk analysis. Three Types Of...

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Bundled Healthcare and Medical Devices

Bundled Healthcare Packages - Are You Ready? One of the biggest game changers in healthcare reform is bundled care packages. This new form of medical service packaging/payment will impact every stakeholder, including the medical device manufacturer. Are you properly...

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