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What are the benefits of a bioskills lab to the medical community?

While the role of theoretical knowledge is critical to the medical field, the economic concept of hands-on training at a bioskills lab training facility also plays an integral part in the learning process. The rationale behind learning-by-doing is an increase in productivity achieved through self-practice, perfection, and minor innovations. This translates into getting products to market and in the hands of end-users faster and more effectively, ultimately bringing positive cash flow to startups.

Optimize Your Team With Hands-on Training

Utilizing a bioskills lab to perform and perfect new or existing procedures benefits both surgical teams and their patients. Surgeons, nurses, and technicians who learn and apply their skills in a real-world setting such as the bioskills lab at HeLiX Coworking achieve the necessary finesse to effectively transition from the treatment of cadavers to live patients.

Medical innovation is not without its challenges and translating theories and innovations into real world applications exposes the potential issues that end users might experience. Combining this theory with a state-of-the-art bioskills lab like the one offered at HeLix CoWorking, medical innovators can teach colleagues, doctors, nurses, and end-users new skills, more effective surgical techniques, and the proper integration of new medical devices and technologies with a minimal output of time and capital. Practice makes perfect and perfection is never more important than it is in the surgical theatre.

Get Your Product to Market Faster

In addition to the enhanced learning experience provided by hands on training in a bioskills lab, there are practical issues at play as well. Involving everyone from techs to nurses to surgeons in the bioskills lab accelerates product development by offering the unique perspectives of each member of the teams who will be using them in the field. The narrow focus of innovators or surgeons alone may miss an issue that would be blatantly obvious to a technician or nurse. By inviting entire teams to work together in the bioskills lab, startups have the advantage of gaining valuable insight from multiple end users.

Challenges can be met head on in a setting that mimics those found in hospitals. From the perspective of getting a new device to market, time in a bioskills lab provides the FDA and other regulatory agencies with evidence that proper safety protocols and quality control are already in place and were used throughout the development process. Because MedtoMarket also provides medical consulting, startups can seek out more experienced innovators for advice on getting products to market in the most effective way possible. This mitigates risk and maximizes reward for startups.

Everything Is Provided – Just Bring Your Team

In the MedtoMarket bioskills lab, you can expect to find all of the same equipment you would in a real-world hospital setting. In fact, it is one of the top bioskills labs in the country. MedtoMarket has invested in creating a state-of-the-art bioskills lab. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Capable of accommodating up to sixty or seventy surgeons at once or paring down for a more intimate setting, MedtoMarket provides a flexible and affordable place for medical innovators to learn, teach, and perfect the lifesaving practices of tomorrow. In addition to in person training, MedtoMarket has the capability of outfitting the bioskills lab with video equipment to remotely reach an even wider audience. Scrubs in various sizes, PPE, basic surgical instruments, human specimens, and equipment are all provided. The cadavers are treated with the utmost respect and their remains are returned to the family for cremation in accordance with all state and federal laws.

Centrally Located in Austin, TX

The bioskills lab is available seven days a week. While thirty days notice is preferrable, MedtoMarket has arranged reservations in the bioskills lab on shorter notice. Centrally located in Austin, TX, MedtoMarket is convenient to hospital, hospital, university, and university. Out-of-town guests will appreciate how close the lab is to several hotels in the area. Because it can be reserved in hourly increments, the bioskills lab is particularly attractive to startups that may not have large cash reserves available. Along with the lab, adjacent working space is available by the hour as well.

With the medical community in Austin growing at a rapid pace, the bioskills lab offered at HeLiX brings resources to medical entrepreneurs that were once only available at top universities. Medical enrepreneurs in the central United States can now more easily compete with their counterparts on the East Coast.

Want expert insight into the medical on-hands training? Set up a consultation and see how we can help speed up your time to market. Contact MedtoMarket today by calling 512-900-9633.